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Join us throught the day, Monday – Saturday for FREE Virtual Daily Classes! Keep your fitness routine moving right from home with these Free FB Live Virtual Classes.

Coronavirus Update:

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz announced additional public health measures to protect Anchorage residents against COVID-19.

Body Renew, along with other Anchorage facilities, will be closing March 16th at 5pm through March 31. While this is disappointing we respect the Mayor’s decision. 

“By making sacrifices now, we reduce the likelihood that we will pay a larger cost later,” said Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. 

The Mayor’s Emergency Order includes a ban on all events and mass gatherings with 50 people or more starting at 5 p.m.



Is it your goal to lose weight? Get healthy? Or most importantly, be the best YOU that you can be? 

We are here to help keep you on track of your weight loss and fitness goals. At Body Renew Alaska, it’s more than a membership, it’s a relationship. 



 Training with the tools you need to achieve weight loss and achieve your fitness goals.

  • Individual Program Design
  • Progressive Programming
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Safe Results-Focused Workouts
  • Professional Assistance & Accountability
  • Burn Extra Calories in 60 Minutes
  • Motivating Team Environment
  • Smart Target Heart Rate Training
  • Enhanced Post Workout Calorie Burn
  • Results Can Vary From Person to Person Depending Upon Diet and Workout Intensity
  • Body Renew Solutions Online Fitness and Nutrition Tools
  • Body Renew Fitness App to set goals, record workouts and track progress
  • InBody Composition Scan To Measure Physical Progress and Changes
  • A great fitness class works different parts of your body to achieve a full-body workout.
  • It pushes you to do things you weren’t sure your body could do, giving you new confidence in your abilities.
  • It will challenge you to exert every bit of your energy and leaving you with a sense of true accomplishment.

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