"Workout Partners" Healthier You with Body Renew

Look around at the gym, and you’ll see pairs of people workout out together. No doubt you know the duos at your club, the ones you never see without the other. It can be brothers lifting weights together, best friends chatting on the elliptical machines, spouses pushing each other for a race, or coworkers in a group training session with a Personal Trainer. It’s always great to see people having fun working out with a friend!

Studies have shown that people who have an exercise partner are more consistent at the gym than those without. The buddy system fosters motivation and accountability. Plus it’s dual purpose: you get some social time and an upper body workout in one!

Not all exercise partners are created equal, however. Being matched with someone who isn’t a good fit for you can be a disservice to your workout routine. Here are some tips to finding the best gym buddy.

Likability- This factor is obvious. You need to enjoy the company of your workout partner.
Similar Schedule- This point is also common sense. Your availabilities must align to keep a consistent workout schedule. After all, consistency is key to fitness success!
Similar Goals- Exercise buddies have to be on the same page for a partnership to thrive. If one person is going for muscular endurance, and the other is going for bulk, their routines won’t match up.
Similar Dedication- Find someone who is as equally dedicated to their fitness goals as you are. Otherwise, they might start cancelling and encouraging you to slack off. Remember, even if you partner cancels, you can still go to the gym.
Similar Workout Styles- Everyone has their own preferences at a gym. Problems arise when those styles don’t align. For example, perhaps during your leg routine, you prefer to take it a little slower with lots of breaks. If your sister prefers to hit it hard, take few breaks, and is in and out of the gym in 30 minutes, you two probably aren’t the best match.
Similar Fitness Levels- This point is a little trickier. While workout buddies come in all varieties, shapes and sizes, they should be somewhat evenly matched. Doing so allows both people to benefit. For example, partners who are of similar strengths can safely spot each other. As you might imagine, a couch potato will have a difficult time keeping up with a gym rat.

These characteristics will help you find a great workout partner! Now you just have to set a schedule, get a workout plan, and hold each other accountable. An exercise buddy might be exactly what you needed to get the most out of your gym membership. Have yourself a healthy day!


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