"Working Out Ideas for May" Healthier You with Body Renew Written by Shua

Spring is officially here and we’re looking forward to plenty of sunshine here in Alaska. Here at Body Renew we are excited about the Rewards Perks you can earn and the training you can put in this month through working out. Learn more about our Rewards Perks here. Let’s get working out together to make May great.

Here’s some ideas to get you started.


Make a commitment to be at the gym everyday.

One month of pushing hard to get the results that you want is a great way to jump start the summer and prepare for some fun times in the Alaska outdoors. Get your regular workouts in, then come in for a class that you normally wouldn’t attend.

We recommend checking out the Yoga class. But we have plenty of classes that might match your interests. You can see our class list here.


Bring a Friend to Work(out)

This month, bring in a friend to workout with you (or your Mom!). You can get a three day guest pass for new friends that you bring in, motivating yourself and helping your friend get GAINS. Push each other this month to reach your fitness objectives; or just come to work off the lunch you guys ordered into the office.

We want to make your membership as fulfilling as possible and we think that working out together is a great way to stay on track.

Another good reason to bring a friend along is to build your friendship. Getting together on a regular basis and sweating together is a great way to build memories and learn more about each other.


Learn Your Gym.

Get your curiosity piqued this month by asking how things work in the gym. You don’t have to get Personal Training to learn about how the machines function. Ask away if you’re interested in trying out a new workout. The staff at Body Renew would love to help you get the most out of your gym.

Find out where the jump ropes and yoga balls are kept and add a new part to your training. If you’ve never tried tanning or the sauna and your particular gym has it, we encourage you to check it out. You may find something that helps you remove stress or improve your workout.


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