“Three Reasons to Consider Personal Training” Healthier You with Body Renew written by Shua

Coming into the gym as a routine is a good place to start, but many of us struggle with subconscious hold-ups that can keep us back from actually making progress in our athletic or general health objectives. Here are three reasons to consider signing up for personal or small group training.

  1. Physical Pain or Discomfort

    Someone that is a layman to the anatomy of the body could automatically assume that physical pain comes directly from an injury or that discomfort is just due to being overweight, but there is a good possibility that a properly certified trainer can identify muscles that are not properly functioning and help you eliminate discomfort with a few sessions that are personally adjusted to you.

    The Body Renew Alaska clubs offer a free Jumpstart session to our members to help identify possible training solutions that reinforce good habits for how you actually move and use your muscles on a regular basis. There is no obligation to enroll in Personal Training when you attend your free Jumpstart and you are more than welcome to ask questions to the Consultant that you will be scheduled with.

  2. Plateau

    Getting in a rut. Falling short of your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, heart rate, reps, distance). Going through the motions. We all know what it means to plateau, but we often justify it with life circumstances. A great way to stay accountable is to regularly check in with a professional trainer.

    Our Personal Training sessions are a great opportunity to hear an outside, professional opinion on our goals and accomplishments. Even for those of us that find ourselves pretty self-motivated, having a trusted professional, that trains others for a living, give us feedback and confront our objections to success is an opportunity to grow past our plateau.

    Ask our Welcome Desk staff to get started with Personal Training and they’ll direct you to the next step to overcome your plateau.

  3. Education

    Taking control of your life includes everything from stress management, nutrition and muscle management. There’s a lot to learn about your body and our Personal Trainers can be a great asset to you in your journey to take self control. There are plenty of tools, apps, websites, books, and other resources that you can self educate with but it will be much more convenient to use the accumulated experience of our staff by working with our team to navigate that sea of resources and stay focused and get results (fat loss, building lean muscle, strengthening your heart, building good movement habits, etc)

Personal Training isn’t necessarily for you at this particular moment of your life, but you may find yourself in a position to take advantage of a great team that’s motivated and happy to help. That’s all that we ask: when you find yourself in a position to need Personal Training, we here at Body Renew Alaska are here to help you.

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