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"Deno" Marion Deno-Bell, Fitness Coach PT

American Council on Exercise – Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise – Group Fitness Instructor
American Council on Exercise – Fitness Nutrition Specialist
American Council on Exercise – Bosu Mind/Body
Strong by Zumba
CPR/First Aid
Currently Pursuing Yoga Education

Years of Experience:
15 years in the front lines as a personal trainer; 13 in my younger years and 2+ recent years.
But a combined 30+ overall years working in the industry as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, continuing education provider, administrator, manager and marketer.

About Me:
I am a fitness veteran who has worked everything from the front desk to the management office.
I re-entered the front lines of fitness at the age of 53 and I am having a blast.
I enjoy helping people discover how strong they are inside and out.
It is my personal mission to help people get moving, move better,and keep moving.
I believe in sustainable fitness; a program that ebbs and flows with the ever changing conditions of your life.
To that end I am always pursuing continuing education and exploring what is new in fitness.

Working with novice exercisers.
Working with women
Weight Loss
Functional and Dynamic Flexibility
Small Group Training
General Conditioning, Cross Training, Toning and Endurance Training

Qualities I look for in a Client:
Someone who is willing to invest in themselves and wants to have fun.
If you believe that you are worth it, you will suit up, show up and get results.

Wesley Wilber, Fitness Coach FT

PTAG / NCCA – Personal Training Certification
CPR/First Aid

About Me:
I’ve been actively involved my own fitness for almost seven years now. My journey through my own weight loss and sport specific training led me to realize that I have a real passion for this industry and for the hard work that it takes to reach your physical goals. That’s why I decided to take what i’ve learned, and what I continue to learn every day, and translate that to the lives of others on a similar journey. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve body composition, or increase your strength/athletic
performance, as long as you’re committed to your goals and ready to sweat we can accomplish anything!

Weight Loss
Muscle Tone
Strength Gain

Laken Herschbach, Fitness Coach FT

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