Our Personal Trainers and Staff

Brady Dale, Fitness Coach


About Me:
I was always overweight; always the one who was picked on in school. I want to that to stop. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did as a child.

In December 2011, I weighed 280 pounds and by December 2012, I was 180 pounds. I am living proof that you can reach your goals in almost no time, as long as you want it and you put your mind to it.

Body Fat Loss
Muscle Gain

Katherine Jurva, Fitness Coach

Associates in Exercise Science, ISSA
Master Fitness Trainer
PiYo Instructor
R.I.P.P.E.D Instructor
Yoga Instructor
Group Fitness Instructor

About Me:
I am committed to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. I want to teach clients how to properly train so they will make it a lifelong activity. I have personally dealt with being out of shape and having several injuries from competitive sports. With a proper sustainable diet and exercise we can all live a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Therapy

Strength and Conditioning
Senior Fitness
Child and Youth Fitness

Johnanthony Evangelestomp, Fitness Coach

N.C.C.P.T. Certified Personal Trainer

About Me:
I like to work on one goal at a time to get the best results for your well-being and health. I’m here always when you need me with no expectations either to be your personal trainer or friend to spot you and push you to your absolute limits.

Strength and Power
Muscle Building
Good Form

Heidi Venie, Fitness Coach

First Aid

About Me:
Played soccer for 10 years, was on a competitive jumprope team for 10 years, I’ve been athletic my whole life. I like my clients determined, dedicated, enthusiastic and excited about positive change.

Fat burning
Muscle strength
Cardiovascular endurance

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