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Michelle Russo, Fitness Coach

Michelle Russo brings more then just fitness to Body Renew. With years of gymnastics under her belt and Certifications in Group Fitness, Yoga, X-Pole Fitness, Aerial and Schwinn Cycling she brings spunk and charisma to the table looking at sharing her love for fitness while bringing confidence out of everyone she challenges.

Build strength in a cardio state. This intense, dynamic workout consists of resistance training in a cardio state for all fitness levels.

Why is it dynamic?
It involves a variety of fitness training modalities i.e. core, balance, function, mobility, and strength. Intensity is based on your level of fitness and intention for the day. This is a great workout for anyone looking to lose some weight, build strength, move with ease, and feel better.

Coral Keith, Fitness Coach
John Martin, Fitness Coach
Chelsea Michaels, Fitness Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
PiYo Instructor Certified
P90X Instructor Certified
Urban Kick Instructor Certified
Body Renew Zone Instructor Certified
CRP/AED First Aid

About Me:
HIIT is my passion. I am upbeat and love to make workouts fun! Growing up as a long distance runner, with years of soccer & yoga experience, I know how to keep your heart rate up without over exerting yourself. I use High Intensity Training to help you lose weight and gain lean muscle. I’ll help you regain your balance, build your core strength, and get your physique into shape.

Weight Loss
Balance & Agility
Toning and Sculpting
Rehabilitation/Corrective Exercise

Dragan Manev, Fitness Coach
Ruby Savanthong, Fitness Coach
Location: South & East

CPT – Personal Training Certification
CPR/First Aid

About Me:
I am Teachable, Friendly, Caring, and a Good Listener. I am ready to help others achieve their fitness goals! What I look for in a client is someone who will let me push them harder then they can imagine, and to show them that they are stronger than they think!

Strength Training
Weight Loss
Nutrition Guidance

Jack Walters, Fitness Coach
Samantha Moffet, Fitness Coach
Taylor Rofidal, Fitness Coach

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