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Kristy O'Kronley, Fitness Coach

Certified Personal Trainer – PTA Global
B.S. Human Resource Development, Specialization in Training and Development
Body Renew 2015 Member of the Year!

About Me:
I understand all too well the struggles of overcoming some of life’s greatest obstacles. In my mid 30’s, I was diagnosed with Leukemia, spending the next ten years fighting my illness and all the of the treatment’s fallout. This included having two full shoulder joint replacement surgeries and two full hip joint replacement surgeries. In 2012, after all I had conquered; I was ready to lose the 70 plus pounds I had gained throughout my years of treatment and immobility. I then made the choice for lifestyle changes, necessary to improve my health, relationships and quality of life. I’m proud of not only meeting, but exceeding my initial life and fitness goals.
I have made Health, Wellness, and Fitness my new normal.
Let’s work together to make it yours too!

Modified exercises for many physical / medical / other client challenges
Customized fitness coaching for any age and experience levels
Weight Loss / maintenance plans
Strength / stability / balance programs
Health and lifestyle improvements

Training Style:
I desire to inspire, motivate and coach you in setting attainable goals, having you reach them, and exceed them.
My beliefs are…

…Your Workouts should be challenging and fun!
…You Exercise because you CAN, not because you HAVE to!
…Your health and fitness is a JOURNEY, not a destination!

Shoshana Marrero, Fitness Coach


About Me:
As a fitness coach, I look for those who are serious about their goals and are wanting to put in the work and the dedication it will require to succeed. What I provide is a game plan and a direction, what I need from the client is the will to keep pushing through the tough moments and overcome it in the end.

Injury Prevention
Weight Loss

David Bierria, Fitness Coach

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