Park Workouts

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With kids out of school, and summer in full swing, you’ve probably found yourself spending a lot of time at the local park. After all, that’s what summer is all about: spending more time with the kiddos outside in the wonderful weather!

Don’t let the change in scenery get in the way of your workouts. In fact, taking your routine with you can be a fun way to mix it up and prevent boredom. Here are some ideas to try out next time you’re at the park.

Park Bench
• Push ups- hand on bench, feet on ground or feet on bench, hands on ground
• Lunges- back foot on bench
• Triceps dips
• Squats- Squat down to barely touch bench
• Jump ups- Jump up with both feet onto bench
• Step ups- forward or laterally

• Push ups- feet on swing
• Lunges- back foot on swing
• Pikes- feet on swing
• Knee tucks- feet on swing
• Plank- elbows on swing

Monkey Bars
• Swing from bar to bar
• Pull ups
• Pull up negatives- jump up and slowly lower
• Hanging knee tucks
• Push ups- on low bars

• Run around in an open field
• Use hills for incline training
• Play Frisbee
• Kick a ball around
• Stretch in the grass

As you can see, there are many ways to workout your upper body, lower body, and core at the park! Using a bench challenges your balance, the swing improves your stability, the bars work your grip strength, and playing in a field targets your cardiovascular system. All the while, you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors with your kids, plus setting a good example for them of being healthy wherever you are! Remember to always use good form and never do an exercise that causes pain. Have yourself a healthy day!

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