“New Years ReSOLUTIONS” Healthier You with Body Renew written by Storme See, edited by Melissa Lampert

We’re all familiar with that January 1st voice in the back of our heads telling us to start our diets, go to the gym and make better health decisions. It’s engraved in our brains that a “New Year means a New You”. Time to start tackling those resolutions! Here are a few steps to take to prevent excuses and guarantee your success.

Weight loss is a common resolution. Unfortunately, it’s also a generic one. Instead of aiming for the predictable appearance-based goal this year, dig a little deeper. Think about who you are now versus who you want to be. Do you wish you could run around with your kids? Would having a stronger core improve your work performance? Drill down into your day-to-day life. By having a goal that feels practical and meaningful, you’re more likely to stay on track throughout the entire year.

Look for resolutions that set a fire underneath you! Set a goal that’s feasible and scary simultaneously. Run your first marathon. Join a recreational sports league. Out lift your workout partner. Get excited about it!

In addition to your yearly resolutions, create smaller monthly goals. Personally, if I set a goal to achieve by the end of the year, I wait until November to start. Guess what happens? I don’t hit my goal, and my resolution starts over again the next year. It’s the worst kind of recycling. By setting monthly benchmarks, you give yourself a better timeline for achieving your New Year’s resolution. That big, overarching goal will feel much more realistic!

Write down those monthly and yearly goals and post them somewhere you will see often. The more often you review them, the more your resolutions will become your mantra. That constant reminder of why you started and why you can’t quit will keep you on the straight and narrow when your resolve weakens. Write them on a white board, journal, notecards, a blog or social media. Posting on social media gives you more accountability. If you tell everyone that you’re going to work on your upper body strength, you better follow through! It also gives friends and family the opportunity to support you. Who knows, maybe your goals will motivate them too!

No doubt, on your journey to better health, you’re going to have weak moments. There will be days when you feel like throwing in the towel; days when you desperately want to satisfy a craving. Not to worry! You’re allowed to treat yourself (in moderation, or course). People often overlook this element. Reward yourself for a new 1-rep max in squats or a new record in the mile run. This way you are less likely to overindulging later. It’s all about balance!

In 2017, a New Year will mean a New You!

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