“Know Your Why” Healthier You with Body Renew

With everything in life, it’s important to know your why. Your “why” is your reason for doing something. We often find ourselves following a certain path or schedule because that’s what people are “supposed” to do. Following the crowd is a pretty lame reason to do anything in life. It’s important to occasionally step back and ask yourself why.

Why are you getting that particular degree? Why did you set those specific life goals? Why are you on this career path? Knowing your why can mean the difference between having direction and just aimlessly wondering through life.

The same principle goes for the gym! You should be able to explain the method to your madness. Why do you repeat that particular upper body workout? Why do you use such heavy resistance for that hamstring exercise? Why do you take all those post-exercise supplements? If your answer to these questions are, respectively: I saw a fit person at the gym doing that routine, a guy my age should be lifting that much weight, and a TV talk show host recommended those supplements, you might want to reconsider your plan. Not that those reasons are inherently bad, but they don’t give you full ownership of your own fitness. Your health is very personal. You should be using routines and methods that are right for your physical goals, not someone else’s.

Once you know your why, your workouts will become much more productive and purposeful. You’ll feel more driven and accomplished. After all, isn’t the overarching goal of everyone’s exercise routine to efficiently reach his or her fitness goals in a timely manner?

So the next time you catch yourself attempting to complete an awkward abs exercise, think about your why. Is that really the most effective and safe way to target the core? Or are you just copying a celebrity workout from a magazine?

Knowing your why allows everything else to fall into place. You’ve got this! Have yourself a healthy day!

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