Healthier You with Body Renew
written by Shua


1. Take the stairs every time.

Stoicism or the practice of enduring hardship in your life without complaining is a great way to bolster your fitness. Anytime that you see an opportunity to practice doing the hard thing, even if that hard thing is just taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you will be reinforcing habits that will keep you fit for life.


2. Drink mostly water until you are no longer over-weight.

Sometimes the simple act of cutting out one unnecessary habit like soda or alcohol can make a dramatic difference in your fitness. Water is a macronutrient that your body needs to operate, and many health problems can be helped by getting proper hydration. Coffee, beer, energy drinks and all kinds of other beverages can be safely cut out of your diet by replacing them with drinking water.


3. Build a habit of working out.

You are the accumulation of your choices. Most people have just made choices that included bad habits. The habit of sitting down while working, the habit of not cooking at home, and the habit of choosing bad habits.

A new perspective to have would be to set fitness goals like “I’m the type of person who goes to the gym three times a week” or “I’m the person who walks every day on their lunch break.” Simply looking at your fitness goals as habits instead of accomplishments could help you break those old habits and start building new healthy ones.


4. Use Experiences as a reward rather than comfort food

Training yourself to be healthy should include rewards for being such an awesome person! But some people fall into the trap of “rewarding” themselves with fast food or indulgent desserts. Both of those things are good in moderation (maybe) but using them as rewards is programming yourself for failure.

Another choice would be to use Experiences as a reward. For example, adding New things into your life, or enjoying Nostalgic things, or going to Extravagant places are all choices that you could use to reward yourself instead of Comfort food.


5. Commit to working out until you get results


6. You lose weight in the kitchen

Give those extra pounds a run for their money, not by hopping on the treadmill, but by digging deep and making the investment in the fuel for your body. You will not get results by trashing your body for breakfast and then trashing your body at the gym.

Start with a bowl of cheerios and a bannana. Then go to the gym and do a light workout with dumbbells and a jump rope.

That’s it. You start at ground zero. A treadmill isn’t a weight loss machine. A healthy YOU is a weight loss machine.


7. Pay extra to be around great people.

Sometimes it costs extra to have nice things. Sometimes it costs extra time, and sometimes it costs extra effort, and sometimes it costs extra money. But in the end that extra cost is worth it, even in the unfortunate event that you wasted some in the process. Find great people to be around. Positive people, honest people, and healthy people are going to be your greatest aid in getting the life that you want.

So spend the extra time talking to people at the health food store or nutrition shop, spend the extra effort to meet new people at the gym, and spend the money to rub shoulders with good people



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