“Healthy Travel = Happy Travel” Healthier You with Body Renew written by Storme See

Everyone knows that it can be challenging to keep up a fit lifestyle while exploring new territory. We all associate our travels with eating whatever we want, whenever we want, whether that be something coated in sugar or something deep fried. It becomes a huge struggle to have a good time whilst chewing on some kale.

“Living in the moment” and being healthy really don’t have to be detached from each other. By learning to manage a healthy lifestyle on your journeys, you are likely to have more energy, feel better, and have an even better venture! There are little things that you can do while away from home that will prevent you from completely falling off track.

First off, be sure to stay active! Don’t worry about getting a week pass to the local gym and sticking to a sculpted workout regimen. Being active doesn’t always mean lifting weights or burning 500 calories on the dreaded stair stepper. Just make sure you are getting outdoors to explore! It doesn’t necessarily feel like exercise because you’re still having a great time exploring new terrain.

Also, try to limit how often you are eating out at restaurants when it’s not absolutely necessary. Of course, sampling new places and foods is all a part of experiencing a new place! However, make an effort not to indulge at every opportunity. Instead, start your vacation with a trip to the local grocery store for simple, healthy snacks to keep you on track with your diet, and also save you money!

So, when you get on a plane or hop in a car for your next adventure, don’t hesitate to treat yourself in moderation. Be spontaneous, stay out late, and have a great time! Just be sure to get right back on track as soon as possible so that you don’t lose the momentum that you’ve gained. Happy travels!

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