Group Fitness Rookie - Part 1

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In part 1 of the “Group Fitness Rookie” post, we discussed the numerous benefits of group fitness classes. Hopefully, you are now convinced to try out that Boot Camp you’ve been eyeing on the schedule! In part 2, we’ll look at how to make your first class a smashing success.

While these tips are geared for Group Fitness Rookies, they work equally well for those trying out a new class format. For example, if you participate in Zumba 3 times a week, attending a Butts & Guts class can be intimidating. The same goes for a yogi visiting a R.I.P.P.E.D class. Not to worry! We’re here for you.

Here’s how to be successful in your inaugural class:

  • Be Confident— You belong in that class as much as the next member! Hold your head high as you navigate through.
  • Bring the Essentials— Nothing zaps confidence faster than forgetting something basic. Wear clothing and shoes appropriate for that particular class. Remember to bring water and a small towel for sweating. For you ladies, a hair tie is your most helpful essential. 
  • Arrive Early— Being late just adds panic when you’re already nervous. Get to class early to get a feel for the land.
  • Ask the Regulars— Contrary to your worst fears, the class regulars are probably really friendly. They remember being full of nerves at their first class. Odds are, they love this class and want other people to love it too. Which means they are happy to help make you more comfortable. Ask them about the equipment or how the class is run. Whatever you’re dying to know!
  • Speak Up— Speak privately to the instructor before class begins. Let her know that you’re new to the class. Tell him about any injuries that might require exercise modifications. Instructors what members to feel confident and successful in their classes!
  • Scale Back—This isn’t the time to show off or try to keep up with other people in class. That’s how injuries happen. Listen to your body as you attempt new moves. Modify the intensity and weights as needed. It’s all fun and games until you hurt your back, knee, etc!

The most important thing to remember as a Group Fitness Rookie is to have fun and try to learn something new. The other members are so focused on their own workout, that they aren’t analyzing you. Knowing that takes off a lot of pressure we put on ourselves!

Just relax and enjoy the new experience. Have yourself a healthy day!

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