Group Fitness Rookie - Part 1

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We’ve all been a group fitness rookie at one time or another. You remember the moment well, that moment when you nervously attended your first class at the gym. The funky name on the schedule grabbed your attention: the likes of “Butts & Guts”, “Hip Hop Abs” or “Thump Boxing”. That’s a winner! You show up and everyone else seems to know what to do without prompting. They know what equipment to get, how to sign in, the whole flow of the class. They even have their own special spot in the room. Meanwhile, you feel like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. Ugh! Not to worry! We’ve all been there. The good news is there are several ways to make your first exercise class a success! On top of that, there are dozens of reasons that group fitness is worth pushing past the momentary awkwardness of being a rookie. Here’s just a sample:
  • Social Environment— As social creatures by nature, many people find it more fun to exercise with others. You’re making friends and working your abs simultaneously!
  • Accountability— Those same friends notice when you miss a class. You’re more likely to stick to your routine when people are counting on you.
  • Consistency— Creating an exercise habit is one of the more difficult obstacles on your fitness journey. By using the gym’s class schedule to your advantage, you’ll have a regular exercise habit in no time.
  • Workout plan— Sometimes after work, you just want to turn off your brain. You don’t necessarily want to think up a dumbbell workout. Then go to class! They’ll give you a routine.
  • Supervised Exercise— Having an instructor to help with form is huge for injury prevention. When you’re working out on your own, you don’t always notice when you’re using incorrect form.
  • Variety— Most fitness clubs offer a large variety of classes. Attending various types of classes will prevent boredom and repetitive motion injuries. Plus, your body will feel the benefits from each different class.
  • Exercise Tips— Every instructor has a plethora of exercise tips to share. You’ll learn tidbits like how to breath when exercising, ways to target an often ignored muscle, how to stretch a difficult area.

As you can see, the benefits of group fitness are numerous! In our next installment of the Healthier You with Body Renew blog, we’ll look at how to make you first class a smashing success. Until then, have yourself a healthy day!

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