Coronavirus Update: What BR is doing for you.


To our partners in fitness,

My Name is Brian Horschel and I am the owner of Body Renew Alaska. I am writing to you today to update you on what we are doing amid the COVID-19 hunker down order. As you all know the Mayor issued an extension of the “hunker down” order that will last until April 14th. Although we hope that we can get back to work by then (we were actually gearing up for next week) we can see that another extension could happen and continue to keep our industry and your gym from conducting any business at all. (unlike all other business that can operate in some sort of modified manner)

What Is BR doing for YOU?


First off, if you have personal training with us, you should be hearing from your trainer about 1 on 1 personal training via zoom. Although this is not ideal, it does keep our employees working and could potential provide stress release while helping boost your immune system. A large part of having a personal trainer is having accountability and also the 1-on-1 help with other things such as diet and nutrition. These things can have a huge impact right now for you and we are able to use Zoom to help with those two actions.


If you do not have personal training and you are interested in this program, please email


“I have a membership and cannot use the gym – what are you doing about my fees?”

We have come up with a few options.

  1. Continue paying your dues – The reason I listed this one as #1 is that almost 100% of your dues go to our amazing employees. We have 76 Alaskan employees all with families that need to survive just like all of you. I am so committed to this that myself and other lead management have not taken a paycheck, nor will we until this is all over. All funds must go to employees and any extra to improvement of the facilities for you to return to.
  2. Freeze your account until we are open for your use again – Although this does not get the employees paid during this shut down of our business, it does ensure that you retain your membership rate, and creates some sort of future security for our employees.
  3. Cancel – If you have one of our month to month memberships you can cancel at any time. You may be subject to your last month’s dues if they were not collected at the time of sign up.


If you continue to pay your dues during the shutdown, please know how thankful we are and you will now be eligible for one of these two options:

  1. You will receive a credit at Body Renew that is equal to 200% of your monthly dues during the shutdown. Meaning if we are closed for 1 month, take your dues, multiply them by 200% and we will give you credit toward apparel, guest passes, personal training, or towards another new membership if you have a friend or family member that wants to join.
  2. Waive your next annual enhancement fee. If you choose this option you will not pay the annual enhancement fee when it comes due.

Please email customer service if you are choosing either of these options.

A few of you have expressed interest in continuing to pay your personal trainer even if you cannot visit them. WOW! What an amazing act of kindness. If this is you, please email with your request and we will make sure to honor that.

I encourage all of you to join our live Facebook classes if you can. Like, follow our page and invite a friend to Virtually Train along with you. The classes are amazing and just another benefit of you being a member.

You and our employees are our number one concern. We strive to be the best part of your day and sure hope to be able to do that for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. If you want to do option 2 or 3 please email and we will get you taken care of.

I know I asked for a lot of emails to go to our customer service department. Next week we will have many people working on that email list to try and take care of all of you as quickly as possible.

Stay safe, healthy, and most of all know we are here for you. Reach out via email or facebook and we will do our best to take care of you!


Brian Horschel
Body Renew Alaska


Coronavirus Update: Mayoral Public Health Measures


Dear Body Renew Member, 

     Mayor Ethan Berkowitz announced today, Monday March 16th, additional public health measures to protect Anchorage residents against COVID-19.

Body Renew, along with other Anchorage facilities, will be closing today at 5pm today through March 31. While this is disappointing we respect the Mayor’s decision. “By making sacrifices now, we reduce the likelihood that we will pay a larger cost later,” said Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

The Mayor’s Emergency Order includes a ban on all events and mass gatherings with 50 people or more starting at 5 p.m.

We know that so many of you rely on Body Renew for more than just fitness. The gym can be refreshing, a way to spend some time alone, a way to recharge and so much more. With that in mind we are pleased to announce that we will have daily virtual classes throughout the day for our members and non-members alike.

While nothing can replace the feeling of going to the gym we hope to provide you with a semblance of normalcy in these challenging times.

Stay tuned to our Facebook / Instagram pages for class times and where you can join.

Thank you for being a Body Renew member.

– Body Renew Alaska Team

Coronavirus Update: Actions we’re taking (3/13/20)

Dear Body Renew Member, 

     We wanted to reach out to our loyal members and address the current situation with the coronavirus. Every day brings new developments related to the virus, and the uncertainty can be unsettling. Our hearts go out to those who’ve been impacted.

      Please be assured that Body Renew Alaska is closely monitoring the situation. Our top priority is always the safety of you and our employees. We have informed all staff to take additional precautions in cleaning and maintaining our facilities, so we are increasing our cleanings done by staff members. With sanitary wipes and hand sanitizers on a nationwide backorder, we have made sure there are additional towels and spray bottles available for cleaning equipment after use. 

     At Body Renew, we are optimistic about the future and hope you feel that way too. Our hours will remain the same and all classes will continue. We understand that everyone is in a different place when it comes to what is best for you and your family. Just recently, Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said “I just want to echo again that the risk is low—the risk is low. I encourage Americans to go about their life.”

     Thank you for your understanding and caring about your gym! We will see you here! 

     Thank you for being a Body Renew member.

– Body Renew Alaska Team

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