Healthier You with Body Renew
written by Shua


Each human has a desire to be confident to some degree. When a person finds themselves with low self-esteem, it usually has to do with a lack of control in their lives. Work is a way of taking control. The definition of work is “the exertion of force that causes an object to move.” A very simple type of work is the process of working out.


Working out is simply, exerting force against the rest of your body with the intention to move it. Every time you take control of your body and move it on purpose, you gain self-esteem. Working out is not the only way to build confidence, it is just a simple way. Move weights, establish control.


It is easy to imagine someone that wants full control over their lives to be insane. But experience shows that those that have full control of themselves do not expect to control others because they recognize that their own self-esteem is based on their control of themselves and those around them must also maintain control.


Coming into the gym is a great way to start establishing control of your life. In addition, you are surrounding yourself with people that are practicing taking control of themselves as well. The confidence that they show in their effort to maintain self-control should inspire you and move you to become unstoppable in your self-improvement.


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