"2% = 30 Minutes" Healthier You with Body Renew

Did you know that 2% of your entire day is just 30 minutes?

Out of a dollar, that’s a measly 2 pennies. Here’s our 2 cents when it comes to 30 minutes of exercise: It’s all you need to see improvement in overall quality of life. It sets your body up for weight loss, improves cardiovascular fitness, and reduces the risk of premature mortality.

According to the Mayo Clinic, 30 minutes of exercise every day can help with the following:

Lower blood pressure

Manage weight

Increase energy + stamina

Improve cholesterol and reduce triglyceride levels

Prevent/manage type 2 diabetes

Prevent osteoporosis + cancer

That’s A LOT for only so little! I mean, who doesn’t have 2% to spare. It’s all you’ve got to give, and you’ll definitely get the time back in the long run.

We want to make it really easy on you at {{club-name}}, we’ve got plenty of half-hour classes and training options so you can get in your 30 minutes and enjoy the other 98% of your day. 

Check out our class schedule here: https://bodyrenewalaska.com/schedule/

or schedule a free personal training session here: https://bodyrenewalaska.com/pt60-program/

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