Our Personal Trainers and Staff

Kristen Elias, Fitness Coach

A.C.E. Personal Training Certification
Certified Pilates Instructor
BA National Relations

About Me:
I believe fitness is something to be taken seriously for health and happiness, but the process should not be boring, too dreadful, painful, or be one more thing in life to stress over.

Core & Back Saftey
Physical Therapy
Sports Specific Training
Cross Training

Haley Jensen, Fitness Coach

SFU National Certification
NFHS High School Cheer Coach

About Me:
I’m dedicated to helping anyone with their fitness concerns.
I was a competitive gymnast for 11 years so I grew up in a gym setting.
I’ve been through a weight loss transformation and I know the hurdles that need to be conquered.

High School Sport Athletes

Thavun Srisaneha, Fitness Coach

SMART Fitness University

About Me:
I will push my clients hard to achieve their goals. No matter how big or small those goals may be, we will work together to make it there. I enjoy clients who are open to trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zone.

Weight Loss
Lean Muscle Building
Injury Prevention

Robert Spears, Fitness Coach



About Me:
My passion is sharing the knowledge that I have gained in the last 10 years to help others achieve their own goals that match perfectly with their lifestyle, to make fitness a more impactful aspect of everyone’s lives. 

Functional Fitness

Strength Training
Circuit Training
Bodyweight Calisthenics

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