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Body Renew is kicking off our first 4-week team-inspired challenge.
Participants work in teams of 3 to complete weekly challenges. 
The Atlas Challenge grand prize is over $3,000 in cash and prizes. 

This challenge is open to both members and guests.

Attend the kick-off event TONIGHT!

Join us at our Body Renew South location at 7 pm on February 22nd for the Atlas Team Transformation Challenge Kick-off event. The Atlas Team Transformation Challenge is 4-Weeks long beginning the following Saturday, February 24th. The first week’s challenge will be announced at the Kick-off event.  


FAQS about  the Atlas Team Challenge


  • How many people are on a team? 
    Atlas challenge teams are comprised of 3 people and must contain at least one participant of the opposite gender. Example: 2 females and 1 Male. 

  • How does the challenge work?
    Each of the 4 weeks will have its own challenge goal. Challenges are released on Saturdays one challenge at a time. Teams will then be required work together to complete as many of the weekly challenges by the end of the competition while tracking workouts and combine body fat loss. 

  • Do workouts have to be performed together?
    Nope! Workouts are designed so that they can be performed independently and at different times. Workouts will be logged in with the Body Renew app or by Body Renew trainers and staff. Teams will be required to track individual totals and submit team total on Saturdays. 

  • How is the challenge scored?
    Your team will earn points for completing the various weekly challenges. Teams that accomplish a challenge will earn a total 3 team points. At the end of the challenge, prizes will be awarded to the winning team based on collective team points and body fat loss percentage.